Alumnae Spotlights


Erin O'Malley '09

What do robots, bridges, and horses have in common? They’ve all played a major role in the journey Erin has pursued while chasing impact in the environmental and climate sphere. Click here to read Erin's story.

Ruby Moreno '12

When Ruby Moreno ’12 walked into the Stanford Children’s Hospital for career day in 2010, she never imagined that experience would become such a meaningful touch point in her life. Click here to read Ruby's story.

Jackie Provost '98

Chief Operations Officer for Saban Community Clinic in Los Angeles, Jackie Provost '98 brings Castilleja spirit to public healthcare. Click here to read Jackie's story.

Yasmin Elayat '00

Emmy-Award Winning Creator Yasmin Elayat '00 finds herself through virtual reality documentary storytelling. Click here to read Yasmin's story.

Nancy Ditz '72

Olympian Nancy Ditz '72 reflects on the value of athletics: "There are no shortcuts. Some days just showing up is a win. Doing the work creates success." Click here to read Nancy's story.

Amy Chow '96

During her Olympic career, Amy brought home bronze, silver, and gold metals. After retiring from gymnastics, she went to medical school and became a pediatrician. Click here to read Amy's story.

Kaanji Irby '91

Kaanji wears many hats: attorney, founder, advocate, certified DEI consultant, coach, podcaster, and best of all, mom. Click here to read Kaanji's story.

Shira Lipton '97

"From the day I started Castilleja until my graduation, the legacies of activism and optimism live on."—Shira Lipton. Click here to read Shira's story.

Judy Lawrence '69

Judy reminisces about her time on the Circle during the sixties—and her path since. Click here to read Judy's story.

Juliet O'Brien '16

The first Castilleja graduate to attend the United States Naval Academy, finds her own sense of Belonging. Click here to read Juliet's story.